The Irrelevence of Time

Just a simple little blog, filled with artwork and other tiny things.


Hello wonderful people of the Hatena Community.

You may or may not know me, but I go by Firepool or Awoken around the internet world. My art on Hatena was very simple. I drew feline characters and animated them in AMV's. Without the Flipnote Program however, I may be unable to continue making animations, but I'm striving to move onwards to digital art. 
You can find me elsewhere around the internet on websites such as Tumblr, DeviantArt and FeralHeart.
  • Tumblr: An-Awoken-Child-Of-Gallifrey
  • DeviantArt: FlipnoteFirepool
  • Feralheart: ~Firepool~
I am unsure of how active I will be on here, but I do promise to try and write a few entries once and a while and post a couple pieces of my work. I can assure you however I'm almost always active on the websites listed above, so feel free to Fav/Follow/Watch me.
Thanks for your time.